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OnLAN Messenger - Instant Messaging Software


Corpsoft Net Send 

OnLAN Messenger service has been developed for corporate networks as a business messenger. Its functions and settings are primarily meant for handling the needs of organizations of all sizes, providing a safe and configurable tool for instant messaging and receiving necessary user information.

LAN Messenger for Office and Business

The main difference between our IM server and other similar LAN messenger programs (ICQ, Jabber, Net Send, etc.) is that OnLAN Messenger is easily modifiable and uses flexible security policies. Program features are designed specifically for corporate use. These include encrypted and secured messages; centralized management; complete records of all LAN chat server; guaranteed delivery; offline messages; message status (delivered, shown, read); employees' working time record; and read notifications.


Video Demonstration

Messages and files sending

Birthday notification

Available Client  Settings

Group Policy and Remote Settings

Message sending from Command Line


Message History

Personal groups

Server Management and History Audit

User base and company structure

Work time control



Corpsoft lan software  

Your company gets the following:

 Your own fast and secure corporate messaging network
 Instant access to your co-workers
 Working hours and message-activity monitoring tools
 Centralized settings and policies management
 Only necessary features for your business


Detailed information оn prices and additional services can be found here.

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Peter Let-ham,

Swift Board Solutions


I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. OnLAN is by far the most reliable instant messenger I’ve ever worked with. No Spam, no time-wasting features, only business!

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Desktop sharing and management functionalities are now realized!

10/05/2013 17:49

Bug fix version 4.2.9 on lan messenger

25/03/2013 14:13

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Command line by using simple commands like «Net Send»

16/05/2013 12:34

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